• June 12, 2024
Turkey's manufacturing industry 2023

Manufacturing is one of the leading industries in Turkey, and its growth has significantly towards the country’s economy; Turkey was ranked 19th in the global economy in 2021. The manufacturing output of Turkey was $179.23B in 2021, which it has grown by a whopping 30.15% from 2020. In addition, the value added (% of GDP) of the manufacturing industry in Turkey was reported at 21.98 % in 2021. This indicates that the manufacturing industry stands for a place in the GDP of Turkey significantly. If you’re in the manufacturing industry or in Turkey, you must take advantage of this chance to be involved and capture profits from it. Want to know more about the reasons why Turkey became the ideal location for the manufacturing industry? Keep reading!

Evidence that the manufacturing industry in Turkey is growing

The number of employees involved in Turkey’s manufacturing industry rose by 325,000 in December 2020, witnessing an 8.6% increase compared to the previous year, bringing the number of participants to 4.1 million. Moreover, the machinery and equipment investment in Turkey increased by 38.7% in 2020, which implicitly shows that the manufacturing industry in Turkey is expected to continue expanding in the future. According to a survey by the bank, the local manufacturing industry units in Turkey were operating at 77.4% of their capacity in September 2022, up from the August figure of 76.7%. This shows that the manufacturing industry in Turkey is booming, and is indeed an emerging exporting giant.

Turkey’s Manufacturing Exports in 2020

Manufacturing is the most important sector in Turkey, holding 84% of total production. Food products, textiles and apparel, motor vehicles, basic metals, and fabricated metal products, plastic products, chemicals and chemical products, and electrical equipment are the biggest segments that make up the manufacturing sector in Turkey.

Turkey had a total value of $176.53B of total exports in 2020 and, due to that, gained a rank of exportation of 29th in 2020. Manufacturing occupied some of Turkey’s top ten export commodities in 2020, with the number one ranking being vehicles at 12.86% and 22.7 billion in export value. Specifically, Turkey has record-breaking exports of apparel, jewellery, ceramics, furniture, and more. You can explore more of Turkey‘s exports here.

Turkey’s top 10 exports 2020

Why choose the manufacturing industry in Turkey?

1. Strategic location

It is undeniable to say that Turkey is located strategically, which is located centrally between Asia and Europe. The region has always been the link between these two large consumer markets. This makes Turkey a prime location for any manufacturing. Due to that, it is an excellent choice to choose Turkey as a hub for manufacturing and exporting. For instance, in 2021, Ford’s share in commercial vehicle production in Turkey was 71%, and Ford’s share in Turkey‘s commercial vehicle exports was 77%. In addition, the Toyota Automotive Industry Turkey, with a successful exportation value of 3.8 billion dollars in 2021, was awarded as “Turkey’s Second Biggest Exporter”.

Strategic location of Turkey

TradeData.Pro sample of Turkey import-export data

2. High workforce rate

In 2021, the labour force participation rate for young people was 41.7%, compared to an overall participation rate of 53% in Turkey. This clearly indicates that foreign investors would have a great chance to benefit from flexible employment opportunities and a large pool of experienced labours. In addition, Turkey‘s net enrolment rate in higher education in 2020-2021 was 44.4%. The young generation is educated more thoroughly and has great knowledge of technological advancement. Therefore, a young and well-educated labour pool can be found abundantly in Turkey too. This means that the manufacturing industry in Turkey would provide you with the same level of quality as in other countries. Yet, in Turkey, you do get a slight price advantage.

3. Low operating costs

In Turkey, you will be better off with lower start-up costs, while establishing a business in Europe countries such as the UK or US would cost you a fortune. This makes Turkey an ideal location to start up a business. The reason behind lower operating costs in Turkey is that the cost of living in the country is comparatively lower. Lower operating costs allow your business to trim out the expenses that it would cost you in other countries. This makes goods in Turkey very affordable and you can buy more in the country. For instance, Turkey‘s gross minimum labour cost is about TRY7,603.43 (USD 404.86), while the US set the cost at USD 1160 per month. Therefore, you would be better off developing your business in Turkey as you could reduce the costs and save money in terms of investment, production, and manufacturing industry in Turkey.

Save money and cut costs in Turkey's manufacturing industry

4. Turkish Free Zone

The free zone is a special site within the country that is deemed to be outside of the customs territory. There are 18 free zones in Turkey, and a wide variety of business activities can be carried out in the free zone, such as manufacturing, research and development, and general trading. Conducting business in a tax-free zone can exempt you from taxes that you would otherwise pay, such as corporate tax and income tax. As a result, you may seize the opportunity to establish your business in a Turkish free zone, where you can save money by avoiding a slew of taxes. The free zone is even more attractive because any goods entering the zones are exempt from customs duty. Moreover, no property tax needed to be paid for buildings or land in the free zones. Eliminating these costs can help you easily gain more net profit in Turkey. Lastly, the profit or revenue you earn in the free zone can be freely transferred to Turkey or other countries without being taxed, and without the need for any permits.

Turkey's 18 free zones make it ideal for the manufacturing industry


Turkey is an ideal location for manufacturing it has a strategic location, a high workforce rate, and low operating costs, and businesses get to enjoy tax advantage in specific zones. Most businesses can definitely benefit from its growth especially those in the manufacturing industry. If you are considering starting or expanding your business in the manufacturing industry in Turkey, it’s highly recommended to leverage on import-export data of the industry and you can get them easily through TradeData.Pro. TradeData.Pro provides you with customs data such as the HS Code, importers, and exporters in the manufacturing industry in Turkey. From there, you may gain insight into the potential suppliers and buyers in Turkey and make informed decisions for your business.

Import data on the manufacturing industry in Turkey

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