• June 12, 2024

Anti-dumping duties are typically levied when a foreign company is selling an item significantly below the price at which it is being produced. While the intention of anti-dumping duties is to save domestic jobs, these tariffs can also lead to higher prices for domestic consumers.

According to the Announcement 2022 NO. 17 of Ministry of Commerce of The People’s Republic of China published on 28th June, 2022, China extends the anti-dumping duty (ADD) on Certain Iron or Steel Fasteners originating from UN and UK, which will take effect from June 29 for 5 years. This is not the first time, as early in 2010 China decided to levy anti-dumping duty on Certain Iron or Steel Fastener imports from the European Union, ranging from 6.1% to 26%.
The updated anti-dumping duty imposed on wood screws, self-tapping screws, other screws and bolts (whether or not with their nuts or washers, but excluding screws of a shank thickness not exceeding 6 mm, and excluding screws and bolts for fixing railway track construction material), and washers with a fixed rate of 26% for all from United Kindom, but a flexible rate 5.5%-26% for the European Union. The above fasteners are classified under the HS Code 73181200, 73181400, 73181510, 73181590, 73182100, 73182200, 90211000 and 90212900.

Company Name Dumping Margin Country and Region
KAMAX GmbH &Co. KG 5.5% UN
Koninklijke Nedschroef Holding B.V. 5.5% UN
Nedschroef Altena GmbH 5.5% UN
Nedschroef Fraulautern GmbH 5.5% UN
Nedschroef Helmond B.V. 5.5% UN
Nedschroef Barcelona SAU 5.5% UN
Nedschroef Beckingen GmbH 5.5% UN
All other UN companies 26% UN
All UK companies 26% UK
Company name list attached in the Announcement 2022 NO. 17
Before this announcement, The European Union published the Implementing Regulation (EU 2022/91) that applies anti-dumping duties on imports of certain iron or steel fasteners from China with an extremely high rate up to 86.5%, covering simple screws to high-end sectors, which took effect on 18th February, 2022. Currently these products are classified under HS Code 73181290, 73181491, 73181499, 73181558, 73181568, 73181582, 73181588, 73181595, 73182100 and 73182200.
Company Dumping Margin
Jiangsu Yongyi Fastener Co., Ltd. 22.1%
Ningbo Jinding Fastening Piece Co., Ltd. 46.1%
Wenzhou Junhao Industry Co., Ltd. 48.8%
Other cooperating companies: · Anhui Goodlink Fastener Co., Ltd · Beijing Jinzhaobo High Strength Fastener Co., Ltd. · LIAOCHENG BSC METAL · Celo Suzhou Precision Fasteners Co. Ltd · Changshu City Standard Parts Factory Co., Ltd. · CHENGLONG TECHNOLOGY (JIAXING) CO., Ltd · EC International (Nantong) Co., Ltd · FASTWELL METAL PRODUCTS CO., Ltd · Finework (Hunan) New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd · FRÖTEK Plastic Technology(Wuxi) CO., Ltd · Haining Hisener Trade Co., Ltd · HAINING JINJIE METAL CO., Ltd · HAIYAN BOOMING FASTENER CO., Ltd · Haiyan C&F Fittings Co., Ltd · HAIYAN GUANGDA HARDWARE CO., Ltd · Haiyan Jiamei Hardware Manufacturing And Tech. Co., Ltd · Haiyan Shangxin Standarf Parts Co., Ltd · HAIYAN TIANQI STANDARD PARTS CO., LTD. · Haiyan Wancheng Fasteners Co., Ltd. · HAIYAN XINGLONG FASTENER CO., LTD · HAIYAN YIHUI HARDWARE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD · HAIYAN YOUSUN ENTERPRISE CO., LTD · HANDAN HAOSHENG FASTENER CO., LTD. · HILTI (CHINA) LTD · Jia Xing Tai Cheng Aoto Parts Co., Ltd · Jiashan Chaoyi Fastener Co.,Ltd · JIASHAN GIANT IMP.&EXP.TRADE CO., Ltd · Jiashan Sanxin Fastener Company Limited · Jiashan United Oasis Fastener Co.,Ltd · JIASHAN WEIYUE FASTENER CO., Ltd · Jiashan Xiaohai Metal Products Factory · JIASHAN YONGXIN FASTENER CO., Ltd · JIAXING CHENGFENG METAL PRODUCTS CO., Ltd · JIAXING H.J TECH INDUSTRY LIMITED · Jiaxing Huanhuan Tong Plastic Industry Co., Ltd · JIAXING KINFAST HARDWARE CO., Ltd · JIAXING LONGSHENG HARDWARE CO., Ltd · Jiaxing Shangxiang Import and Export Co., Ltd · JIAXING SULATER AUTO PARTS CO., Ltd · JIAXING TAIXIN AUTO PARTS MANUFACTURING CO., Ltd · Jiaxing Victor Screw Co.,Ltd · JIAXING ZHENGYING HARDWARE CO., Ltd · Huayang Fastener Co., Ltd · JINAN STAR FASTENER CO., Ltd · Lianyungang Suli Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. · NEDSCHROEF FASTENERS (KUNSHAN) CO., Ltd · NEW STARWDH INDUSTRIAL CO., Ltd · Ningbo Dongxin High-Strength Nut Co., Ltd. · Ningbo Economic & Technical Development Zone Yonggang Fasteners Co., Ltd. · Ningbo Haixin Hardware Co., Ltd. · NINGBO LEMNA PRODUCT TECHNOLOGY CO., Ltd · Ningbo Minda Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. · Ningbo Nanjubaoge Fastener Manufacturing Co. Ltd · Ningbo Ningli High-Strength Fastener Co., Ltd · Ningbo Shengtai Fastener Technology Co., Ltd · Ningbo Taida Hezhong Fastener Manufacture Co., Ltd · Ningbo Zhenghai Yongding Fastener Co., Ltd · NINGBO ZHONGBIN FASTENER MFG. CO., Ltd · Ningbo Zhongjiang High Strength Bolts Co., Ltd · OK TECH CO., Ltd · PINGHU OTEBAY HARDWARE PRODUCT CO., Ltd · Pinghu Sanjiaozhou Lubricant Co., Ltd · Pol Shin Fastener (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd · QIFENG PRECISION INDUSTRY SCI-TECH CORP. · Shanghai Autocraft Co.,Ltd · SHANGHAI CHAEN CHIA FASTENERS CO., Ltd · SHANGHAI EAST BEST FOREIGN TRADE CO., Ltd · Shanghai Chunri New Energy Technology Co., Ltd · Shanghai Rongdun Industry Co., Ltd · Shanghai Galgem Hardware Company Limited · Shanghai High-Strength Bolts Plant · SHANGHAI MOREGOOD HARDWARE CO., Ltd · Shanghai Yueda Nails Co., Ltd · SSF INDUSTRIAL CO., LIMITED · Suzhou Escort Hardware Manufacturing Co. Ltd · Suzhou Hongly Hardware Co., Ltd · Suzhou Litto Fastener Co., Ltd · Suzhou YNK Fastener Co., Ltd · Yantai Agrati Fasteners Ltd · YUYAO ALFIRSTE HARDWARE CO.,Ltd · Yuyao Zhenrui Metal Co., Ltd · ZHE JIANG WORLD WIN FASTENER CO., Ltd · Zhejiang Channov Auto Parts Co., Ltd · ZHEJIANG CHAOBOER HARDWARE CO., Ltd · ZHEJIANG DONGHE MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION LIMITED · Zhejiang Excellent Industries Co. Ltd · ZHEJIANG MS TECHNOLOGY CO.,Ltd · ZHEJIANG NEW SHENGDA FASTENER CO., Ltd · ZheJiang RuiZhao Technology Co.,Ltd · Zhejiang Tianyuan Metal Products Co.,Ltd 39.6%
All other companies 86.5%
Company name list attached in the Regulation (EU 2022/91)

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