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Russia lead generation for businesses、

Russia has enormous natural wealth in oil, gas, and minerals and is ranked as the 11th largest economy in the world; its ranking is greatly supported by its nominal GDP of US$1.78 trillion in 2021. In addition, Russia was the world’s third-largest oil producer in 2020, accounting for 11% of global production. Furthermore, it has stable exportation of oil and petroleum to Europe, where most of the country’s income comes from.

Russia top exports 2020

Ways for leads generation when doing business in Russia

1. Build partnerships with local companies.

Local companies can be an excellent idea to be considered when you are about to expand your business to Russia. They have more experience and knowledge of doing business in Russia than you, a new business beginner in Russia. For instance, you will be less concerned about encountering cultural barriers and breaking laws and regulations. With their help, your business operations would be smoother.

Furthermore, a partnership can help you access new markets more efficiently since they have existing network on hand, helping you accumulate customers and building up your reputation there. But all these can only be realised by getting the right partner for your business. The question is how do you get a reliable partner in a country that you’re not familiar with? This is when trade data can come into play and detailed trade data can be found on platforms such as TradeData.Pro. For developing supplier partnership, TradeData.Pro can provide you with shipment records of the suppliers, and you may evaluate high-quality suppliers based on the criteria of trade history, industry and product details.

Local partnerships for Russia lead generation

2. Utilise social media.

Utilising social media is an efficient way for your business to generate leads in Russia and build connections between you and your potential buyers in Russia. Unlike other countries, Russians are not accessible to social media that is popular in other countries, such as Facebook; instead, they mainly use VKontakte. Therefore, joining groups on social media like VK is an excellent platform for generating leads among Russians, as you can expose your business and lead to interactive action under comments.

This would significantly improve your business visibility, attract potential customers, and then build networking. For long-term engagement, you must have a good balance between your content and solving your customer’s problems and needs. It can be done by sharing educational-based content on your social media to provide value for your audience. However, knowledge-based content requires technical expertise from that specific industry, which requires further support from professional marketers to optimise the content. They would enhance the content delivery in terms of high readability and engagement so that it looks appealing to the target audience, having the urge to finish the reading.

Social media marketing for Russia lead generation

3. Tap into referral marketing.

Referral marketing is a traditional method to attract new customers to a product or service by using referrals. When you provide a great customer experience, word of mouth of referral is more likely to happen naturally without asking them. High satisfaction would keep your customer engaged with your business and help you to retain your customers and strengthen customer relationships in the future as well. In addition, you may create a customer-loyalty program as a reward for them when they advocate on your business’s behalf. This would increase the likelihood of your existing customers helping you to generate leads in Russia.

Referral marketing for Russia lead generation

4. Attend trade shows in Russia.

A trade show is an event that brings together members of a particular industry to display, demonstrate, and discuss their latest products and services. Every year, there are dozens of international trade shows held in Russia, each of which brings together different entrepreneurs from all around the world. For instance, MosBuild’s trade show in 2022 showcased around 800 exhibitors from across the building and interior industry, attracting 56,622 visitors from 45 countries and 81 regions of Russia to participate in.

This face-to-face communication expands your networking within the industry by showcasing your product to your target audience. From there, you generate leads. If you are interested to generate leads across boundaries in the building and interior industry, MosBuild 28th tradeshow that will be held in March 2023 is an excellent choice for you.

Furthermore, a trade show allows you to share your ideas and products with your expressions, which is a bonus to keep your audiences engaged with your sharing. That said, leads generated through trade shows can be time-consuming as you need to talk to each of them to sift through the good leads. In addition, trade shows in Russia can be uncertain due to geopolitical reasons. For instance, the Russia-Ukraine conflict in 2022, which could expose you to certain risks.

Russia trade shows for lead generation

5. Avail services from a reliable trade data platform.

Trade data such as import-export data would help you to identify which companies are actively engaging in that particular industry, allowing you to generate leads in Russia effectively. Trade data such as import-export data would help you to identify which companies are actively engaging in that particular industry, allowing you to generate leads in Russia effectively.

TradeData.Pro is a reliable party that collects and consolidates cross-border import and export trade data worldwide. In TradeData.Pro, you may access the largest databases of over 220 countries, which information such as custom data, shipping data, import-export data and buyer databases. From there, you can use that data to generate leads in Russia. Furthermore, TradeData.Pro adopts cross-border trade patterns on the basis of filters such as importers, exporters, product description, HS Code and country of origin. These data are useful in helping you to filter high-quality leads, generating effective leads in Russia.

Even more impressive to say is that TradeData.Pro has provided its profession for over 500 companies, and you can benefit from them too. You can get in contact with your potential customers simply through TradeData.Pro. TradeData.Pro provides you with the trade records, including the company names, addresses and previous import and export records, allowing you to connect with high-potential leads.

TradeData.Pro sample data search for Russia exports


Doing business in Russia is challenging, since you do not have any relevant information to support your business for gaining competitive advantage and attracting audiences to engage in your business. TradeData.Pro would be your best companion to generate leads in Russia and getting visualisation of the trends to forecast markets and uncover your business’s financial position.

You can also check out TradeData.Pro’s Russia page for detailed trade data.

You may learn about how to open global trade markets by accessing TradeData.Pro. Contact us to gain market insight.

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TradeData.Pro is proudly made in Singapore. Singapore has been one of the world’s most politically stable countries, with an open and trade-driven economy. TradeData.Pro is presented by CIC, a government-linked company in Singapore CIC is a Join Venture of Zall Smartcom, SGX and GeTS.)

Since the launch of TradeData.Pro in 2018, TradeData.Pro has received overwhelmingly positive remarks from market. This is because TradeData.Pro has wide coverage, low cost, and fast response. There are many leading companies from different industries that have subscribed to TradeData.Pro.

TradeData.Pro was awarded with Singapore Quality Class in 2020 and Stevie Award Gold in 2021. Businesses need information to reveal trends, identify market opportunities, track competitors buyers and suppliers, and better understand supply chain potential.

Finding these critical data has traditionally been challenging. But this information do exist, but as part of government import and export filing requirement. The detailed shipment information which are within these filings constructions the core of the global trade.

TradeData.Pro has gathered and packaged these information as business intelligence. Our solution helps companies understand the flow of goods across borders and features the world’s largest searchable trade database. We do the heavy lifting for you by reviewing, standardising, and cleaning data, then delivering in an intuitive format.

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To find out more about accessing a new market, you can check out this article which shows you how to use Trade Data Pro to access Global Trade Markets: https://blog.tradedata.pro/say-hello-to-our-new-release-of-tradedata-pro/

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