• May 22, 2024
Increase Revenue with Company Contacts & Trade Data

In today’s globalized business landscape, staying ahead of the competition and making informed decisions is crucial. To effectively navigate the intricacies of international trade, businesses require access to valuable data and market intelligence. TradeData.Pro is an online trade data platform that empowers users with a wealth of features to gain these insights.

In this blog, we will explore the “Market Insights” feature, which provides a comprehensive suite of tools to enhance your understanding of markets, companies, and trade trends. This feature enables users to forge connections with crucial contacts, delve into global company exploration, and harness advanced tools for comprehensive data analysis. This all-encompassing set of features empowers individuals to attain valuable market insights and make well-considered business choices.

  1. Market Overview

The “Market Overview” section of Market Insights offers a wealth of information to help you understand your target market, trade trends, and specific products (HS codes). This data is crucial for making informed business decisions.

  • Target Market: Understand the market you’re interested in by delving into valuable insights.
  • Trade Trend: Keep a pulse on current trade trends to adapt your strategies accordingly.
  • Product (HS code): Get granular details about specific products by exploring their Harmonized System (HS) codes.
Example Of Target Market Chart
Example Of Target Market Chart
Visualisation of Trade Trend
Visualisation of Trade Trend
  1. Employee Contact

Establishing connections with vital contacts within a company is often crucial for business expansion. Market insights provide access to employee contact details linked to particular companies, simplifying the process of forging connections and initiating discussions.

Example of Employee Contacts

  • Vital employee details:
    • Name
    • Position
    • Social media presence
    • Country
    • Address
    • Email
    • Contact number

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  1. Company Profile

To dive even deeper into a company’s background and information, the market insights offer a “Company Profile” feature. Users will have access to an overview of the company, its contact details, business particulars, key personnel, and the composition of its shareholders. Company profiles serve as a versatile resource, equipping businesses with the necessary insights to make well-informed decisions, be it for partnerships, investments, market entry, or everyday operations.

Example of Company Profile
Example of Company Profile
  1. Container Tracking

This feature also includes Container Tracking, a vital tool that can enhance the efficiency of logistics and supply chain operations. It leads to improved operational effectiveness, minimized risks, and increased customer satisfaction for businesses.

Screenshot Of Container Tracking Search Engine
Screenshot Of Container Tracking Search Engine
  1. HS Code

Additionally, TradeData.Pro offers users the ability to search using HS codes, a fundamental aspect of international trade. Understanding and effectively utilizing HS codes is paramount for successful cross-border commerce, and TradeData.Pro streamlines this process with its user-friendly tools.

Example of HS Code search
Example of HS Code search

HS code search:

  • Swift access to valuable results is facilitated by selecting the source or country and inputting the relevant HS code or description.
  • The platform enhances HS code exploration by providing access to a more comprehensive list.
  • Users can conduct in-depth analysis and gain a better understanding of HS codes.

This comprehensive approach empowers businesses to navigate global markets with greater precision and confidence.

  1. CAS Number

Obtain CAS details with market insight! CAS numbers are essential for ensuring chemical safety, regulatory compliance, product quality, and effective communication in various industries. They play a crucial role in maintaining safety and quality standards while promoting responsible chemical management. Using the CAS Registry Number, you can acquire information such as the chemical substance name, enzyme commission number, enzyme commission name, and molecular formula, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for informed decision-making.

Example of CAS Registry Number Search
Example of CAS Registry Number Search


TradeData.Pro’s “Market Insights” feature equips users with a robust set of tools and data analysis capabilities to gain valuable market insights, understand trade trends, and make informed business decisions. Whether you’re looking to establish connections with key contacts, explore specific companies, or analyze trade data, TradeData.Pro’s features provide a comprehensive solution to help you succeed in the global marketplace.

The most trustable and reliable source for Trade Data.

TradeData.Pro is a reliable and trustworthy source of trade data proudly made in Singapore, a country known for its stable political climate and trade-driven economy. Presented by Commodities Intelligence Centre, a government-linked company and a joint venture of Zall Smartcom, SGX, and GeTS, TradeData.Pro has received positive feedback from the market since its launch in 2018 for its extensive coverage, affordability, and fast response. The platform has been awarded the Singapore Quality Class in 2020 and the Stevie Award Gold in 2021.

Traditionally, obtaining critical data to reveal trends, identify market opportunities, track competitors, buyers, and suppliers, and better understand the potential of the supply chain has been a challenge. However, the detailed shipment information that is part of government import and export filing requirements does exist and forms the core of global trade. TradeData.Pro has gathered and packaged this information as business intelligence, which helps companies understand the flow of goods across borders and features the world’s largest searchable trade database. TradeData.Pro reviews, standardizes, and cleans data and delivers it in an intuitive format, making it easier for businesses to access.

Businesses interested in staying updated on Vietnam, the hottest industry lately, can access all relevant information on the TradeData.Pro platform. They can find the exact product they’re interested in by checking out the trade database demo at https://tradedata.pro/asia-trade-data/vietnam-import-export-data/. To learn more about accessing new markets, visit https://tradedata.pro/trade-database-demo/.

Additionally, businesses can check out this article to learn how to use TradeData.Pro to access Global Trade Markets: https://blog.tradedata.pro/v3-new-upgrade-of-world-leading-global-trade-data-platform/. To understand how TradeData.Pro works, watch the video below or visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tITfUvjs6Gc

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